Arthur’s Pass back to Christchurch

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13. Juni 2016
Getting onto the road again..
16. Juli 2016
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Arthur’s Pass back to Christchurch


The next morning began pretty early. As I had to return the Spaceship on the same day in Christchurch, I had to leave early in the morning, looking forward to more than 5 hours of driving. No honestly, I was really looking forward to this as my route went over “Arthur’s Pass”, which is connecting the west and the east coast and offers some amazing scenery! It was beautiful and even though I was on my own again, I enjoyed it.
I got to Christchurch early enough and moved all my stuff to the Jailhouse Hostel, where I was before. Many of the people I got to know a week ago were still there!
Afterwards I returned the Spaceship and went into the city to explore it a little bit more.
In the evening we sat together for a while, but not for too long. My flight was in the morning the next day..

I really really liked New Zealand and wished I could have spent more time there. But I think I got enough reasons to come back, as there is so much to see and explore! The people are really nice there and are laid back. And who knows, maybe I will get the chance to travel through New Zealand with a bike some time? I’d be keen!

I also cut a video of my trip – tell me what you think!


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  1. Karin sagt:

    Dein Video ist fantastisch – danke !!! 😀

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