Getting onto the road again..

Arthur’s Pass back to Christchurch
14. Juni 2016
St Kilda
17. Juli 2016
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Getting onto the road again..


Okay okay.. I cannot just apologize again for being (enormously) late with my next blog post.
However, after finishing my exams traveling got into the way again and I would just like to experience as much as I can.. I am more than happy to share my stories with everyone of you in person when I’m back beginning of August! Nevertheless, I’ll try to continue this blog on an unregular basis and post updates even after I returned to home!

After leaving Melbourne more than 2 weeks ago, I have to admit.. I really really miss the city – but even more the people! It was an amazing time there and I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunities I had. I learned a lot and will always look back on it cheerfully.

My journey in Australia has not yet ended and I am already sad about leaving in some weeks from now. Anyway, being here on the west coast is totally different.

There is still a lot (and I mean a lot!) I didn’t post yet from my time in and around Melbourne. Just keep visiting this site from time to time and I’ll update you :)

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