Meteor Shower – Day trip to Mt Buffalo

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21. Juli 2016
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Meteor Shower – Day trip to Mt Buffalo


Every year around May, the Eta Aquarid meteor shower, one of the most spectacular ones, takes place and you can see many many meteroids glowing in the sky as the earth passes through the meteor field. Especially in the southern hemisphere (ergo where I am :D) you spot hundreds of them in the sky when looking up in the night. (Check !)
We (Karin, Nitzia, Paulina, Adam and I) were keen to see them! But as Melbourne is obviosuly a big city, the light pollution makes it harder to see them. So we spontaneously hired a car again and drove around, more or less with a target, after we ate a burger at Grill’d (best burgers!). We just wanted to get out of the city first and into the direction of the mountains North-East of Melbourne. So we drove for quite a bit, looked at various sites where we could stay for the night and in the end stayed at Mount Buffalo, which is about 5 hours away from Melbourne by car. Luckily, we found the campsite where I was camping with my roommate and her friends in the second week! This time of the year, where it already got a bit colder, we were the only ones there. Trees all around us, mountains and hills to either side. Perfect to see many many stars and meteors!
I actually never saw so many meteors or shooting stars in my life. This was quite astonishing! I got some good shots, but yet, in the real outback, where there’s nothing around you for hundreds of kilometers, the sky would be even better! This is complaining on a high level, as you’d not get a starry sky like this at Mt Buffalo anywhere in Germany..
Unfortunately, there was no campervan to hire for just one day. However, we did not plan to sleep for too long, so we were sure it would be okay. We unfolded the back seats and pushed down the front seats as far as possible, so everyone was able to lay down, in more or less comfortable positions. But we slept well and got out early in the morning, as we had to give back the car at around 4 p.m. and still had quite a long way driving back.
We wandered a bit around as I knew that there was a little creek close to the camp site and explored it there. It was freezing cold in the morning, as the sun needed some time to rise over the hills and mountains. But still beautiful!
We slowly made our way back, ate something at a cute café in the next town and drove back to Melbourne. Even though it was just one day, it was lots of fun!
What about you? Did someone stay up in Germany to see the meteor shower?



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