Phillip Island – Surfing Penguins

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17. Juli 2016
Meteor Shower – Day trip to Mt Buffalo
22. Juli 2016
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Phillip Island – Surfing Penguins


When you look up Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay on Google Maps, you realize that this bay is pretty big.. You can’t really see the other side of the bay when standing on either shoreline. Thus, Phillip Island, at the entrance of the bay towards the open sea, is far enough from Melbourne to be less populated but still close enough from Melbourne to be a popular day- or weekend-trip. We had to go there.
“We” is 5 people: Dany, Paulina, Adam, Joscha and me.
We hired a car at Hertz and everyone except Adam, who already arrived on Phillip Island a day ago, departed from Melbourne early on a Saturday morning.
It should be a relaxed weekend, as it was still summer and a beautiful small peninsula. Our only plans were to go surfing, as this is one of the nearest surf-spots from Melbourne, and also see.. Penguins! Yeah exactly, there are actually penguins. Phillip Island is really famous for this, as they’ve built a whole event around the penguins, who are getting back out of the sea at dawn.
Though it was not cheap and there were enormously many people who all wanted to see this, I pretty much liked it. It was amazing to see hundreds of little penguins getting out of the sea, over the beach, always watching out for danger and then hurrying up in the next moment, climbing the dunes and getting to their nests. Really cool, especially as you (or at least me..) do not really expect penguins in a climate this warm! But yep, they’re real. Unfortunately I cannot prove this, as it was not allowed to take photos (I understand that it is not allowed to take photos with flash, as this could irritate them – but the staff got really angry at people who only took photos without a flash..) :-/
When not sitting at one of the beautiful beaches or enjoying some good food in the small town, we were surfing! This was really fun and it felt so good to stand on a surfboard again. Unfortunately the waves on the first day were either really big or way too small, but whoever is surfing, knows, that even surfing small waves is a great feeling!
We stayed in one of the only hostels on Phillip Island, the YHA right at the beginning. A really good hostel, not too packed and with a good price. Recommendable!

All in all, it was a really good weekend-trip I’m still looking back to with joy!

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