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16. Juli 2016
Phillip Island – Surfing Penguins
21. Juli 2016
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As said, there is a lot to discover in and around Melbourne. It is situated around the Yarra River, which is ending into Port Phillip Bay nearby. Thus, if you want to enjoy a day at the beach, you don’t have to go far. Just take one of the trams (or an Uber) going to St Kilda!
Going out of the CBD, the surroundings are changing quite fast. Skyscrapers are changing into smaller buildings, with a totally different flair. Small shops are popping up between cool cafés and restaurants. It has got kind of a hipster-flair and you see that St Kilda is still defining itself.
When arriving at The Esplanade, you see the Luna Park, a leisure park, and the beach. Every Sunday, there is a small market at the Esplanade with many cool things to discover!
Going down to the beach, you see people relaxing and enjoying the sun and you automatically start to unbend.
As this is still situated in the bay, the waves are really small and there is nothing to have fear of in the water. It may not be the warmest water, but during the hot summer it is a welcome refreshment :)
After relaxing at the beach, go to one of the many cafés or restaurants! I personally can recommend Sister of Soul and Lentils as Anything – this one is special! It is really small and chances are that you will have to queue. But it is worth it! They got delicious food and the interesting part is that you are paying as much as you want. There are recommended prices (I think with 15$ every cost of them is covered and they even could give something to homeless people who cannot afford it otherwise! A really really cool idea as I think! I hope it will sustain :) Definitely go there!

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