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27. April 2016
Jumping out of a plane
29. April 2016
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After a quick stop in Queenstown, where we have been to the cool bar „Cowboy“ (highly recommend going there! Wild Western atmosphere, playing pool for free, getting delicious food for free when ordering something.. yes!) I drove to Wanaka, a little town one hour away. Unfortunately I arrived in the night, so I did not really have an impression how beautiful it was going to be the next day.

I spent some time at the camp site taking photos of the amazing starry sky – as Wanaka is quite a small town with not too much going on and also nothing around, it gets really dark in the night. No light polluting the sky around there – that’s what I was looking for.

After getting up and driving to the Lake Wanaka, I was stunned by how beautiful it is there. It was sunny and sitting at the lake for some time seemed like the right idea. Some ducks were surrounding me because I had food, they were desperate to get something! And being inattentive for one second, they got a bit.

I also rented a kayak to get out on the lake. That was fun and exhausting, I remember feeling it the next day a little bit. But definitely worth it! Unfortunately, I just had an hour to get out and return again, that was barely enough.

And I also did something in between, but somehow I cannot remember now.. hopefully in my post tomorrow? We’ll see.

In the evening however, I finally met some other guys from Deakin, who were also going to New Zealand. We initially planned to go all together, but it worked better for me to go earlier and to Christchurch, so in the end we just met for one night. Not enough, but such a cool night! We had some fun sharing stories and enjoying a beer or to on the campsite. And been to the lake in the middle of the night! It was awesome to meet them and I wish I could have spend some more time with them. But they had to move to another place than me the next day.

One of my highlights in Wanaka was also going to a small photography company with something around 7 employees. I just wanted to ask them if I could clean my lens of my camera, as I forgot my microfibre towel. And guess what – they did not only give me one for free, they also saw my GoPro camera and asked me if I could use another battery, as they found one somewhere. They are around 25€ (AU$37) – I felt lucky! And wanted to thank them somehow. Fortunately, I still had some TimTams (a famous chocolate biscuit in Australia & New Zealand everybody loves), so I gave this in return, and as they didn’t await anything, they loved the TimTams. And I am quite jealous they have such a great city where they are working!


Here are some pictures to give you an impression how beautiful it is in Wanaka!


  1. Sabine sagt:

    Was für eine wundervolle Landschaft, und was für ein atemberaubender Sternenhimmel!

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