22. Juli 2016

Meteor Shower – Day trip to Mt Buffalo

Every year around May, the Eta Aquarid meteor shower, one of the most spectacular ones, takes place and you can see many many meteroids glowing in […]
21. Juli 2016

Phillip Island – Surfing Penguins

When you look up Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay on Google Maps, you realize that this bay is pretty big.. You can’t really see the other […]
17. Juli 2016

St Kilda

As said, there is a lot to discover in and around Melbourne. It is situated around the Yarra River, which is ending into Port Phillip Bay nearby. Thus, […]
16. Juli 2016

Getting onto the road again..

Okay okay.. I cannot just apologize again for being (enormously) late with my next blog post. However, after finishing my exams traveling got into the way […]
14. Juni 2016

Arthur’s Pass back to Christchurch

The next morning began pretty early. As I had to return the Spaceship on the same day in Christchurch, I had to leave early in the […]
13. Juni 2016

Jakob, der Hitchhiker

The exam phase is there (brace yourselves..) and I am honestly sorry, that I did not post anything for so long! This is really freakin‘ me […]